10 Ways to Detox Your Emotions (& Why You Should)

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Google the word “detox,” and thousands of hits will appear outlining ways to eliminate impurities in the body. Whether or not you believe juice cleanses and detox diets work to make the body feel better (though if you ask me, I believe the body is designed to detox on its own if given the chance by treating it well), did you ever consider the fact that your emotions might need a detox too?

Our mental health has a huge impact on our physical health. With high-stress jobs, constant Instagram scrolling, and lifestyle that doesn’t always match up with our budgets, many of us suffer from chronic stress and generalized anxiety—every single day. Thinking about the profound effects of mental health on your entire wellbeing, which one do you think will heal you faster: a juice cleanse or an emotional cleanse?


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Why you should consider going on an emotional…

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