11 Ways Work-at-Home Moms Can Entertain Kids Without Using Tech

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One of the biggest challenges of being a work-at-home mom is finding new ways to entertain the kids while you get to try and get some work done. Many times we end up relying on technology to entertain our children for us.

I know, I’m guilty of turning on the TV or letting my daughter use the iPad a little longer than I should.

Luckily, there are many affordable and creative ways for parents to entertain their children without having to plug in and feel guilty.

how to Entertain Kids Without Using Technology

Here are 11 ways work-at-home moms can entertain kids without using tech:

1. Creative Open-Ended Play Toys

Skip the expensive toys that need batteries and drive you nuts, and opt for open-ended toys that let kids use their imagination. Companies like Safari Ltd, Learning Express, MagicCabin, KiwiCo, and MindWare offer educational products that inspire unstructured, imaginative play while expanding kids’ horizons.

Toys like Legos,…

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