11 women share ideas for a long weekend in lockdown.

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Virtual family Easter egg hunt for the kids: “Our four households will all hide Easter eggs and FaceTime with each other,” said Janine. “Then we will take turns in taking our cameras around with us, for our nephews [aged two and four] to spot the Easter eggs in each of our houses! We’ll see if it works or not…”

Competitive Easter egg hunt (for teens and grownups): “I am a mum of five kids aged 25 to 14. The Easter Bunny still comes, and each year it’s fun games,” said Simone. “This year I am going to add a new game, similar to ‘the chocolate game’ from kids’ parties. I will hide five kinds of little chocolate treasures in the backyard and take a photo of what they need to discover. I’ll then get the kids around a table with dice. When they roll a six, they can go and find the treasures. If someone else rolls a six, the first person stops searching, and…

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