12 Transitional Outfits to Wear for Spring

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I face the same dilemma every year: March rolls around, it’s 40- or 50-something degrees, and I somehow completely forget how to dress for the weather. The transition between winter and spring is a happy one, but it can also come with some confusion on what we’re supposed to be wearing to be both comfortable in the weather and feeling “springy.”

I’m always asking myself the same questions… How early is too early to break out my sandals? Can I put my parkas away yet? What colors are we wearing now? So in an effort to avoid some of the extra struggles that could come with getting dressed in the morning, I took to Instagram to get some outfit inspiration for this transitional time. 

Some of the major trends we’re seeing right now—light neutrals, monochrome, light wash and white denim, lots of texture—are absolutely perfect for dressing in the awkward is it winter or…

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