15 Feel-Good Books to Read Right Now

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I’ll admit it: normally, when it comes to novels and TV shows, I’m into the ~dark and twisty~ variety that offer some element of mystery. There’s nothing more thrilling than playing along and trying to analyze every single scenario and character, and what possibly makes them rotten to the core (because everyone’s a suspect and I trust no one). But as real life is happening the way it is, those genres are being put onto the back-burner—because all I want now is to seek solace in things more pleasant, often predictable, and just all-around happy. 

Books, unlike TV and movies, often let us forget time and space constructs and allow our imaginations to run wild—they’re the perfect way to fall into a different world and live vicariously through another person. Once you find one that just feels good for your soul, it’s like you’ve discovered the comfiest blanket…

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