15 Things I Would Tell My 25-Year-Old Self

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At 25, I was living in Chicago by myself in a shoebox of an apartment with little money, a broken heart, and no sense of direction. I remember walking along the lake path every night in a cloud of depression wondering when things would start to make sense. I wanted desperately to be able to point to an age or landmark in the future and say, “There! That’s when I’ll figure it all out.”

If I could go back to my younger self and whisper some words of wisdom into her ear, here’s what I’d tell her:


1. Eat the damn french fries.

I love french fries in all their hot, salty glory, but for the longest time, I didn’t allow myself to eat them. At the time, I was hyper-focused on eating only healthy foods in order to maintain the “right” weight. This was not only silly, but a huge waste of time and energy. French fries every day? Probably not the most optimal choice….

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