15 women on their COVID-19 finances.

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8. Remmy – “I had the next stage of my life planned out…”

“Before COVID-19, I was employed full time, about to sign documents to buy my ex-husband’s share of our house so I can have our kids at home… I had the next stage of my life planned out. I was made redundant, but I have savings and a beautiful home so I’m one of those people who feels guilty complaining as so many others have it worse. I’ve been accepted to receive the JobSeeker payments and am trying not to use my savings to live on because then I won’t have the deposit for my house when this is over. Two of my kids are living at home. My son is in year 12 and has lost his part time job. It’s really isolating and financially stressful.”

9. Lisa – “I’m not sure I’ll have a job when I return from maternity leave.”

“I have just started maternity leave and had arranged for maternity payments to…

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