16 Shows to Help Take Your Mind Off the World Outside

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Millions of Americans around the country are adapting to life within the confines of their homes. While staying home can be a nice reprieve every now and then, if you’re doing it day after day, you might find yourself going just a little stir crazy. To help you pass the time—and keep entertained—The Bump editors are sharing their favorite TV shows to binge right now.

Plus, Netflix’s new extension, Netflix Party syncs video playback and adds group chats to your favorite Netflix shows—so it’s easy to watch virtually with friends. Grab your beverage of choice, a blanket and some friends and press play on one (or all) of some of our favorite shows.

The TV Shows We Can’t Stop Watching

The Mentalist on Amazon Prime: Simon Baker, who plays a psychic turned consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation is undoubtedly hilarious in this early 2000s crime show. Plus, it has…

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