16 Things to Purge While You’re Decluttering

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Spring cleaning is getting quite the upgrade this year. Instead of putting it on our weekend to-do lists for weeks until we decide it’s summer, many of us are actually cleaning out our spaces and getting rid of items we don’t want, don’t use, or don’t need. Marie Kondo would be proud! 

But for those of us with more than the optimal amount of clutter, not knowing where to start can derail the entire process. Instead of getting discouraged before you even start the project, pay attention to these items in your home and know that they can be tossed or donated without having to give it too much thought. Once you get these out, finding items to clear out will be a breeze. 


1. Expired Makeup and Skincare

We all know to get rid of old makeup (and if you don’t, get to it!), but we often forget skincare has an expiration date too. Check the labels on your skincare products and…

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