17 Delicious Recipes to Make With Spring Vegetables

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    Shriya Khanna
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    Cotter Crunch

Remember when you made those New Year’s resolutions to eat more veggies? Yeah, same.

Those days ended with me proceeding to eat all the carbs that exist in this world and wiping out my entire stash of Costco-sized bags of spicy tortilla chips (located on my top you-won’t-want-to-make-the-effort-to-reach-them shelf). That’s what winter does: makes us want to crawl into hibernation mode and eat all the comfort food around. It happens. It’s fine. Don’t sweat it. 

But now as it does start to warm up, it’s important to think about all the veggies that are growing in abundance around us and arriving this season (Met Gala red carpet style). Eating seasonally (and locally) also might mean higher amounts of certain nutrients, since they can decrease over time while the food sits around or travels long distances, as…

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