17 Small Changes to Make to Improve Your Mental Health

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Mental health is not like a marathon; there’s no finish line and no amount of steps to take until you get a trophy or a blue ribbon. There is no destination at all. Instead, our mental wellbeing gradually shifts and changes as we go through life, which means we can always be improving it.

Since happiness doesn’t have a withdrawal limit, we can all be prioritizing mental health. “Be calmer,” “feel less stressed,” and “find contentment,” should be life goals more important than “get a raise,” or “get married.” To make steps towards these goals by the end of the week, here are 17 easy changes that will drastically improve your mental health and happiness. 


1. Schedule meditation into your daily routine.

By now you know that meditation can help clear your mind. However, meditating is easier said than done because it’s never one-size-fits-all. Instead of…

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