24 women share their sex turn offs, including what they wouldn’t do in bed.

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7. “I would never invite a third person into the bedroom. I chose my partner because I like the idea of monogamy and sex counts as well. I don’t care how ‘woke’ it is – you do you – but it’s not for me.”

8. “Unless you’re wearing a condom, we are not having sex.”

9. “I don’t like receiving oral in the bedroom. I like it in other locations for the excitement because it gets me on edge, but it’s a little boring in the bedroom and I don’t enjoy it.”

10. “I could never peg my partner. I don’t judge anyone else who does it, but it has absolutely not appeal to me!”

11. “I would do pretty much anything, except choking. Absolutely no way, no form of choking/strangling.”

12. “Shower sex. I love the idea of it but it literally never goes to plan so why bother?”

13. “69. I can’t for the life of me enjoy receiving oral when I’m trying to give good…

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