25 Edible Gifts to Send Your Friends This Season

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Fun fact about me: My love language is gift-giving. When I first came to the conclusion, I’ll admit, I was a little bit embarrassed. Of all five of the other love languages (acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time), gift-giving, at the surface, seems like it would be the most shallow. But hear me out: I promise I’m not a superficial, vapid gold digger. For me, giving and receiving gifts isn’t about spending money or having “stuff.” It’s about the sentiment. It says, “this made me think of you!” and I think that’s really freakin’ special. 

And if we’re getting more specific, my love language is gifting in the form of food. If you show up to my apartment with a bouquet of chicken nuggets, I will fall madly in love with you. If you don’t want me to fall madly in love with you, that’s fine. Just be sure not to do this. 


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