25 Free Activities to Entertain Kids at Home

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Over the past several weeks, our lives have gone from mundane to barely recognizable thanks to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that’s sweeping across the globe. Social distancing—a measure intended to cut down on unnecessary contact with others—is suddenly our new norm; daycares, schools and activities are closed across the country; and quarantines, whether self-imposed or government-mandated, are keeping our families indoors. And let’s be real, keeping cooped up kiddos busy, happy, educated and entertained is a tall order to say the least!

To help out, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of free resources to help keep your little ones entertained while you’re stuck at home together. From fun art activities to ways to get the wiggles out, you’ll find plenty of creative ways to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy until life as we remember is back up and running.

Now that…

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