25 funny isolation cooking fails people made during COVID-19 quarantine.

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With many of us holed up at home, more of us are trying to find new and creative ways to keep ourselves from going stir crazy, including gardening, craft and of course, cooking.

Not only does cooking and baking make for a great way to entertain yourself when you’ve already binge-watched Tiger King (one too many times) or are waiting around for your next Zoom chat with your friends, but it also means you get some tasty home-made isolation snacks – so it’s really a win-win.

Watch: The difference between cooking when you’re in a relationship vs when you’re single. Post continues below. 

But sometimes our cooking ventures don’t always go so… well.

Sometimes we proudly take our masterpiece out of the oven only to find we’ve burnt the sides, realised we’ve accidentally left out an all-important ingredient or it looks precisely nothing like the pretty Pinterest picture….

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