30 Netflix Hidden Gems That Will Save Your Weekend

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I must admit: I love movies, I love TV shows, and I probably spend too much time watching them. I often find myself getting texts from friends asking for recommendations on what to watch, because I’ve seen so much of the content on Netflix and other streaming services that I’m always ready to tell someone about what I think will be their new favorite show. 

We’ve provided recommendations from feel-good movies to documentaries to nostalgic movies and TV shows to TV shows similar to You (as well as my personal new favorite show, we can’t forget that!). In times like these, we need fresh new content more than ever—so if you’ve already exhausted all of those options, this article is for you.

It’s much too easy to find yourself scrolling through Netflix for far too long, never knowing what to watch, and then lose interest in watching anything new at all and put New Girl on…

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