35 Feel-Good Movies to Stream

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  • Copy By:
    Beth Gillette
  • Feature Image By:
    Alaina Kaczmarski

I’m normally into movies that will terrify me, or make me cry, or at the very least make me lay in bed afterward thinking about my life in a very deep manner. I’ve always been into horror and drama and thriller; some people grew up with Sesame Street, I watched Nightmare on Elm Street. However, I am also what some would consider a “highly-sensitive person.” I feel things to an extent that is frustrating and uncomfortable. So when the world seems to be scattered with anxiety and stress, I not only feel my own but the stress of everyone around me. Being an empath rocks, right?! 

To keep my own anxiety at bay, I’m changing up the movies I watch and instead going for things that make me feel freaking good. These movies are an escape, whether it’s an adorable love story or a hilarious escapade or…

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