37 guests test positive for coronavirus.

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Scott Maggs, the groom, is the CEO of a health promotion charity and says he is committed to ensuring people are “well informed, can monitor their symptoms, manage their self-isolation and have the opportunity to be tested — should they meet the criteria.”

Maggs told his followers to “know the warning signs, look out for each other and give people a (sanitised) hand instead of pointing fingers. Australia is all about mateship.”

Speaking to Sydney Morning Herald, the bride Emma Metcalf said the media attention placed on their wedding has meant members of the public have been messaging them and accusing them of being irresponsible.

“[The media attention] just created more hysteria and panic when really, I think we should be thankful for the people who went and got tested and let us know what was going on. We can’t shame people over a disease,” Metcalf told the…

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