4 Activities That Help You Boost Your Brainpower

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4 Activities That Help You Boost Your Brainpower

When you are bored and you have a spare five or ten minutes, your first instinct is probably to reach for your phone and start scrolling. That’s fine, but if you added up the amount of time that you spend on your phone, you’d probably be shocked. There’s nothing wrong with playing on your phone sometimes, but if you do it a lot, that adds up to a serious amount of wasted time that you could be boosting your brainpower instead.

There are some great boredom-busting activities that help to exercise your brain, and finding alternatives to using your phone will help you to maintain a healthy relationship with social media. These are some of the best ways to build your brainpower when you are bored. 

1. Jigsaw Puzzles 

Jigsaw Puzzle

Before smartphones were a thing, plenty of people would do a jigsaw puzzle to pass the time, and it’s great for your…

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