4 Math Concepts You Need To Know Before College

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4 Math Concepts You Need To Know Before College

If math is not your forte, you may be disappointed to learn that you do need to master some math concepts to get into college. After all, math is critical in a lot of different study areas and careers. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the areas of math you will probably need to address.

1. Algebra

Algebra is one of the main math concepts that a lot of students struggle with. However, it makes up a large portion of many maths exams, so it really is vital to dedicate a lot of revision to this. You will thank yourself when you’re looking at undergrad student loan options and on your way to college!

So, what sort of algebra questions can you expect? You need to know the notation, vocabulary, and manipulation of algebra. This begins by using and interpreting algebraic manipulation, including brackets and coefficients written as fractions instead…

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