4 Things to Negotiate If You’re Denied a Pay Raise

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Asking for a raise can feel like a daunting experience. But when you muster up the confidence and your request for a raise is denied, that can feel like a blow to your self-esteem and even leave you questioning your role at a company. Before you let that defeat set in, this is actually a time to dig a bit deeper and get what you want to benefit your career in the long run. 

“Being denied a raise is the beginning of the negotiation,” entrepreneur and women’s empowerment expert Heather Monahan said.


1. Go for instant gratification

Besides some of the obvious requests like additional vacation days and telecommuting, a few career experts weigh in on what other perks you can negotiate with your employer and how these might even be better than an immediate monetary increase in salary. 

Carla Isabel Carstens, New York City-based career coach, encourages new employees to ask for…

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