45 Nostalgic Movies & TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

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Whenever I find myself in need of some entertainment to complement my exciting and refined dinners of popcorn, peanut butter cups, and pamplemousse La Croix, I always turn to one out of my five fully quotable teen movies from childhood. While most people grew up hearing famous lines like “Here’s looking at you, kid,” or “There’s no crying in baseball,” I was going around howling, “I’ll take a whack at it” (100 points to you if you know what that’s from). 

Nostalgic movies and TV shows from our youth are the equivalent to that favorite fuzzy blanket or old sweatshirt you want to envelope yourself in whenever you feel lonely, tired, or anxious about all of the things going on in this world. They offer an escape to a simpler, more fun, and familiar time full of the predictability and endings that leave your heart satisfied.

Not sure where to begin with your own…

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