5 Exercises That Can Help Relieve Anxiety

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I remember being supremely embarrassed to talk to my doctor about my anxiety. It seemed like everyone was complaining about being “anxious,” and I didn’t want it to seem like I was claiming I had a mental illness for attention. We’ve all heard someone claim they’re “so OCD” when really they just like things tidy, right? I didn’t want to lessen the plight of those with real mental issues with my silly worrisome thoughts.

It turns out, I do suffer from anxiety. My mind races, my heart races, I feel as though I am in a constant state of worry, and I find it hard to focus on anything as my brain spirals to an immediate worst-case scenario. My doctor informed me that not only is it OK to ask her about my symptoms, but that due to the more fast-paced lifestyle we are living in, anxiety is on the rise. If you feel like you might have anxiety, it is OK to seek help —…

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