5 things it predicted about coronavirus.

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How the virus spreads

In Contagion, MEV-1 is spread through ‘fomites’ – objects like clothes and metal surfaces that can transfer disease to a new host. The film shows exactly how surfaces like phones and metal railings touched by infected individuals can spread the disease, and how the initial transmission occurred via a handshake. The virus in the movie isn’t airborne.

This appears to be the case for COVID-19.

Infectious disease specialist Dr Sanjaya Sanananyaka from the Australian National University spoke to Mamamia’s daily news podcast The Quicky about how the virus spreads.

“It spreads mainly by droplets, so particularly when people cough or sneeze, droplets of mucus containing virus particles drop about one metre in front of that person,” he explained.

Listen to The Quicky, Mamamia’s daily news podcast. Post continues after audio.

“They can fall onto…

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