5 Unhealthy Ways You May Be Coping Right Now

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If you have been social distancing at home for the past few months and have been tuned into all things COVID-19, on top of the growing tension throughout the country, it’s safe to say that you’ve most likely reached your breaking point already—and you are certainly not alone. The stress of balancing a new normal while being separated from loved ones and friends for the foreseeable future will undoubtedly have you reaching for any and every way to deal—sometimes in unknowingly unhealthy ways. This stress is specifically taking its toll on African-American women, who are battling the weight of COVID-19 as well as racial injustice, all while juggling their everyday lives. 

One way to identify unhealthy coping mechanisms? Anything that helps you escape that may be detrimental to you physically, psychologically, or emotionally, whether it be that 5pm glass (or bottle!) of wine or…

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