5 Ways New Bloggers Leave Money on the Table (2020)

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5 Ways New Bloggers Leave Money on the Table

There are so many new bloggers out there now. Did you know that many of them won’t make it a full year? While there are so many free blogs out there, I assume the reason you are on this post is that you want yours to make money. I’m here to show you how to avoid being one of those new bloggers who leave money on the table.

The honest truth is that I can understand why so many blogs don’t last that long. I’ve seen it first hand as my blogging buddies drop from the radar after only a few months.

Writing a blog is simple, but it is far from easy.

It takes a lot of work. But the real difficulty is making sure you’re working on the right things. You can work for hours on end and even full-time on your blog. But if you are working on the wrong things, your blog will never grow. You know what they say, it is not practice makes perfect, but rather, perfect practice makes…

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