6 Blog Courses That Will Put You in the Money-Making Fast Lane (2020)

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6 Blog Courses That Will Put You in the Money-Making Fast Lane

I’ve been blogging for eight years, but when people ask, I tell them I was only doing it seriously for the last six. The thing is, blogging does not have to be this upward struggle. Get the right mentors, and you are in business! However, working one-on-one can be expensive. For this reason, blog courses are the best and most affordable option when you want to learn something and quick, IMO.

There is a downside to this, because how do you know if the blogger who wrote the course actually knows what the heck they are talking about? There are so many blog courses out there now, and plenty of them are not worth your time.

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I’ve made the mistake of buying the wrong course—programs filled with stuff I already know or that teach information that is just plain wrong. I learned the hard way that you never buy a course without some proof that it will benefit you. When I…

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