6 pieces of Esther Perel coronavirus advice you (might) need right now.

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What that means is – living in isolation with your partner day in and day out will likely make what you currently have better and stronger, or be the death of it. And it’s proven because as Perel explains, in history there’s been “a spike in divorce and a spike in marriage and babies that follows disasters.”

We discussed Perel’s idea of COVID-19 being the great relationship accelerator in this episode of the Mamamia Out Loud podcast below. Post continues after audio.

2. Talk about your grief.

In these times, Perel points out grief is not just about death in the physical sense. It’s also about the death of small things we used to do and the little joys we once enjoyed. Things like visiting family, travelling, going out for dinner or hugging a friend.

The other thing about COVID-19 grief is it hits all of us at different times and with varying strength. When two people in a…

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