6 Things Introverts Can Do to Better Their Career

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Open office spaces are all the rage these days. Sure, they look cute on Instagram, and give off major “we’re all in this together” vibes — but let’s face it, if you could call dibs on a private office you probably would. As bleak as a cubicle can be, at least you can have some semblance of privacy throughout the day.

If you’re an introvert, certain aspects of career development may be tricky for you, and working in an open office space is just the start. Networking events, team happy hours, and long days at the office may drain you more than your other coworkers. Being an introvert isn’t a flaw, but it comes with its own set of challenges. If you’re looking to improve your career in a healthy way, how do you do that as an introvert?


1. Accept Yourself

Before we launch into the steps you can take to better your career, let’s take a moment to appreciate where you…

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