6 things people who are working from home with dogs know to be true.

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With most of us working from home to stop the spread of coronavirus, many of us are finding ourselves missing our daily routines more than ever. From catching up with work colleagues, going out for a daily coffee run and even (dare we say)… the commute.

But there is one member of our family who is loving this new isolation arrangement, and that’s our dogs.

For them, life in isolation means more walks, more belly rubs and more attention. And in return, our fur babies make for great companions to help get us through this difficult and uncertain time.

 WATCH: Why cuddling your dog at night is actually good for you. Post continues below. 

But when it comes time for us to actually work, dogs don’t exactly make for the best co-workers.

While being able to work from home right now is a privilege, trying to conduct meetings and complete daily tasks with a dog comes with its own…

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