6 tips for dealing with COVID-19 together.

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“Take a moment, instead of unleashing, to remind yourself it’s a tough time for everybody, not just you. Maybe this argument you’re getting into isn’t such a big deal in the perspective of what’s going on at the moment.”

Make no mistake. Being extra mindful of feelings takes effort because we’re all essentially selfish creatures designed to meet our own needs first. But doing so helps make sense of our behaviour, and understanding it leads to changing it.

“Sometimes, outbursts can be a by-product of emotions we’re burying. That’s not an excuse for aggressive behaviour or violence. But if someone is picking arguments or their moods are a bit off, it could be due to us burying or internally dealing with a lot of pressure right now.”

2. Make time and space to de-stress, by yourself.

This could be tricky if you and your partner have kids, or live together in a small apartment or share house….

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