6 Ways Asian-Americans Can Fight Anti-Blackness

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As a Filipino kid, I frequently observed many anti-Black, racist sentiments from within my own family. Hearing my mom’s sounds of disapproval when Kenan and Kel would play on Nickelodeon. Being told that taking the bus was full of “dangerous (read: Black)” people. Our cleaning lady seeing my American Girl dolls and asking, “why does Stephanie have every doll except Addy?”

They were mostly subtle messages, sometimes overt statements, but they were there. This, combined with growing up in a predominantly white suburb of Milwaukee (Whitefish Bay, aptly nicknamed “White-folks Bay”), meant that my exposure to and understanding of Black people was quite limited. 

I know that I am not the only Asian-American who heard and internalized these messages from my family and community. There is an unfortunate, ugly history of Black-Asian conflict in America, from the weaponizing of…

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