6 Ways to Style Your Leggings Right Now

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  • Copy & Graphics By:
    Madeline Galassi
  • Feature Image By:
    Fashion Jackson

If there’s any sliver of a silver lining to the times we’re living in now, there are exactly two:

  1. Spending all day, every day with your dog
  2. Leggings officially being considered work pants

If you’re officially on the work-from-home indefinitely train, you’ve more than likely put all your jeans and trousers on a leave of absence until further notice. Their temp? Good ole’ black leggings.

Whether your priority is to be as comfortable as humanly possible or you have to constantly be on guard for your boss to start a Zoom meeting with you, we’ve got your leggings combo covered. The only rule? Getting out of the clothes you wore to sleep last night (we promise, you’ll feel so much better if you change). 

Embrace your time working from the couch—remember, it’s only temporary—and take…

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