6 Ways to Use Your Air Fryer You Haven’t Tried Yet

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When I was 9 years old, there was nothing more magical to me than the workings of my early 2000s, Santa-gifted Easy Bake Oven. Looking back, I should have been more suspicious of whipping up questionably edible baked goods in an electric toy approved for ages eight and up, but let’s be real: that toy oven was my one-way ticket to independently-made cakes, brownies, and cookies that I could use to barter with my siblings in exchange for Nintendo DS games and parting ways with my parent-sanctioned chores. What can I say? I was an entrepreneur. 

My Easy Bake Oven and I lost touch over the years, but my fascination for kitchen tools that can seemingly defy gravity has remained. So, when I was introduced to the art of the air fryer, I was one happy camper. I couldn’t wait to make mozzarella sticks, buffalo cauliflower bites, and salmon galore, and once I did, I was addicted. I…

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