7 Ways to Connect With Others and Feel Less Alone

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Social distancing during the COVID-19 quarantine feels a lot like that time in between Christmas and New Year’s where days of the week simply don’t exist. What day of quarantine are we on? It could just as easily be day six as day 32. I’m unsure at this point. 

I live alone in a small studio apartment with my tomboy of a kitty, Gizmo. She and I have become alarmingly close during this process. She loves sending impromptu Slack messages to TEG team, snuggling up on my lap as I address my article edits, and begging for food even though I just fed her 14 minutes prior. Last Wednesday, after a typical day of working remotely, I made a home-cooked meal, watched some Netflix, and scrolled on Instagram, as per usual. After dinner, Gizmo was feeling like her typical mischievous self, jumped on top of my coffee table, and punted my empty wine glass into the atmosphere, which shattered…

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