7 Ways to Up Your Dirty Talk Game

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“Dirty talk” can get a bad rap sometimes. In movies and TV shows, it seems weird AF that people would talk to each other like that in bed. But just like most sexual things, it always sounds weird until you try it. Then, it’s freaking awesome. 

Everyone thinks they sound weird or awkward; they worry they don’t say enough or that they take it too far. In reality, everyone is capable of dirty talk in a way that turns their partner on, as long as they are willing to give it a try and make tweaks as necessary. 

If you’re ready to up your dirty talk game, or you’re having lots and lots of phone sex thanks to social distancing, here are a few ways to get you started.


1. Watch (or listen) to porn

Ah, I know I recommend this tip in pretty much every sex article on The Everygirl, but I do it for good reason. Watching porn—or rather, listening to it—is the easiest way to…

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