8 Apps, Books, & Products Getting Me Through Isolation

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When self-isolation first began, I had a lot of positivity. I’m a Sagittarius, it’s in my blood. However, in Sag nature, once the idea of spontaneity, travel, face-to-face interaction, and honestly shopping inside a Sephora store was outside the realm of possibility for the near future, I panicked. I downloaded everything—apps, audiobooks, games, movies, and more—to help me get through this time with a little less anxiety.

Welp, we’ll be at home for at least another 30 days. Instead of stressing out even more, I’m turning to these things to get my mind off the present and think to the future. I’m not saying they’re all super productive (#1 might be my actual favorite), but that’s totally OK. 


No, you have not traveled back in time. Yes, I am recommending this game. I was obsessed with Temple Run in high school. I am not a gamer; I played High School…

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