8 Things You Should Be Disinfecting Right Now

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When I had envisioned myself becoming a “responsible adult that cleans regularly,” the visual I had in mind was of the Monica Geller variety, who washed dishes in a wedding dress, made DIY magical cleaning solutions, and enjoyed vacuuming her vacuums. I had achieved that to some degree, until the current events were upon us and I, instead, morphed into a combination of Miss Pillsbury from Glee (with me wiping down every single grape I’m about to eat) and Meredith Gray (with my hand washing turning into scrubbing in for surgery).  

We’ve all been hearing how important it is to keep our hands sanitized and disinfected through proper washing, and the things we touch and use daily should follow suit. According to the CDC, transmission of the novel coronavirus (or COVID-19) occurs via respiratory droplets, and based on current evidence, it can persist for hours to days on…

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