8 Ways Moms-to-Be Can Deal with Skyrocketing Anxiety

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If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably been feeling joyful and excited as you dream about your new little one. But there’s a flip side as well: Fear and anxiety can also creep in, as you start to accept the idea that you’re growing a tiny person inside your body, and that your life is about to completely change. Plenty of moms-to-be find themselves feeling overwhelmed with worry—and it’s completely understandable. You’re suddenly in charge of another life, and the thought of anything harming your child can be terrifying.

“It’s scary not to know what’s going to happen, how your body will change, whether or not the baby be healthy, and how having a child will alter your life and identity overall,” says Perri Shaw Borish, MSS, LCSW, BCD, a psychotherapist and founder of Whole Heart Maternal Mental Health in Philadelphia.

It’s also important to note that some women…

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