9 Home Trends You’ll Be Seeing a Lot of This Decade, According to Designers

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There’s no better time to give your life a well-deserved makeover than the start of a new decade—and there’s no better subject for this makeover than your own home. The 2010s made for an influential decade for home decor by reintroducing sleek architectural elements, industrial-chic interiors, and neutral color palettes—but the beginning of the 2020s is the perfect time to start thinking about how your interior design styles will move beyond all of that.

We saw 2019 end on an eclectic note, signaling what’s to come for 2020 and beyond. One of the biggest trends it foreshadowed was vintage and retro-inspired pieces shifting into the spotlight. The resurgence of old-school items such as vintage kitchen appliances, mid-century modern furniture, kitschy accents, and wallpapers along with the rise of “Grandmillennial Style” set the path for more evocative pieces and aspects…

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