9 Productivity Hacks to Use While You Work From Home

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Working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be (AKA spending all day in pajamas and sleeping in: two things that I can tell you from personal experience are not reality). When I moved to California almost a year ago, it meant leaving behind my beloved friends on The Everygirl team in Chicago, our pretty office space, and a dope snack drawer to work from home full time. 

Besides just personally missing my coworkers that I also count as some of my best friends and greatest career idols (if we’re being honest, I also miss the office snacks), I had to learn a lot about holding myself accountable and staying productive so that I feel like I’m making my bosses and team proud from miles (and states) away.

Whether working from home is the norm for you, or “work from home” is simply a catchy Fifth Harmony song because you’re an office girl when we’re not social distancing,…

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