9 Staycation Ideas For When You Can’t Leave Home

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9 Staycation Ideas for When You Can't Leave Home

Remember vacations? Remember a time when people were able to leave their homes after a hard semester at school or a difficult season at work and just travel to wherever they wanted? Well, all that is gone now and replaced by the difficult reality that people can’t leave their homes because of the current global pandemic, COVID-19. We have a solution to this dilemma: staycation ideas that will keep you just as entertained as a vacation.

Because it is still unsafe to travel and socialize with large groups of people, staycations are the way to go! Whether it’s having your own private concert or learning about a new place through a documentary, there are many ways to still enjoy your time while staying home. Here are nine staycation ideas that won’t make you feel so trapped inside. 

1. Backyard Camping

The first one of our staycation ideas is classic: camping. One…

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