9 Strangest First Period Traditions From Around The World

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For a girl who is stepping into womanhood, period is a major step. While some of our mothers would have already warned us about the monthly bloodshed down there, menstruation can come as a surprise to the rest who had no clue about what it is. Nonetheless, menstruation is considered a huge milestone in a woman’s life and the first period is something that often calls for a celebration in many cultures. This is true to almost all the countries in the world and especially in India where there are multiple cultures residing together. However, not all first period traditions are sweet and merry; some of them are weird and make your frown lines deeper. So, let’s explore what these traditions are? Read on to know more.

1. India

Let’s start with India because why not? While Indians are diverse in first period traditions because they follow different cultures, this one is specific to the…

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