9 Things You Can Do While Hiding Out From COVID-19

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As of this past Monday, The Everygirl office has been working from home amidst the coronavirus (or COVID-19) outbreak here in Chicago (and all over the country … and the world). 

And I’m going in-f*cking-sane. 

This week (it’s only Thursday as I’m writing this), I’ve decluttered my entire closet, rearranged the furniture in my apartment twice, applied for a dating show, ordered printable art on Etsy (yes, I did get sucked into apartment tour videos on YouTube and had a home epiphany), re-downloaded every dating app (because eventually, I’ll be able to touch a human again), made three playlists, unsubscribed from email lists, and watched an entire season of Younger

Coronavirus is only getting worse, and more and more people will be working from home for a little while, along with events being canceled. It seems like our weekend magically freed up. So, what’s a girl…

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