A £1.99 bet gives people two chances* to win this week’s £300,000,000 jackpot

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Somebody in Britain could become a multi-millionaire with a £1.99 bet on the outcome of this week’s MegaMillions jackpot.

The jackpot has been rising for weeks now after being boosted throughout March, gathering momentum and widespread interest.

Now, the jackpot has peaked for the month at an eye-watering £300 million ⓘ.

With Lottoland, you can get 2 bets on the final MegaMillions jackpot of the month worth £300 million ⓘ for only £1.99*.

The ideal time to place bets on the event is Tuesday night because the event takes place in the US during the dead of night.

If somebody in Britain places a bet and correctly guesses the numbers, they stand to become the recipient of one of the biggest online gambling payouts in history!

The regular cost of a single bet on MagaMillions is £3.

By getting 2 bets for only £1.99*, you’ll enjoy a 67% discount.

Bets can be placed either…

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