A guide to tweezing, tinting and plucking.

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How to wax eyebrows.

Hannah’s advice is to tweeze or trim over waxing because a lot more can go wrong when you put hot wax near your eyes.

If you insist on doing it, be extremely careful and 100 per cent do not try and wax your brows free-hand. Use your brow map, and choose a waxing product like a wax pen (the $15 Nads Hair Removal Gel Natural Facial Wand has great reviews) or small wax strips designed for the face.

Personally, I would leave waxing to the professionals.

How to tint your own eyebrows.

To end on a high, it’s also pretty easy to tint your eyebrows at home. The best and most affordable option is the $20 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit you can buy from most chemists. It comes in shades light brown, dark brown, brown black, black and blue black.

Unless you naturally have black hair or brows, keep black and brown black for your eyelashes (you can learn how to tint your…

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