A mother on her children’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

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Bettina’s two children, Charlotte, five, and Frederick, three, suddenly had high temperatures – fevers over 40 degrees.

Even with medication, their temperatures didn’t go down. Not only was it peculiar that they both got sick at the exact same time, Bettina remembers thinking, but it was also odd that even with medication, their fevers did not decrease.

Then the dry cough began.

They knew about the coronavirus pandemic; of course they did. And they had been taking all the necessary precautions to socially distance themselves.

“We live a healthy life and the kids are very active. We haven’t travelled or had contact with anyone ill,” Bettina, who is from Bavaria in Germany, tells Mamamia.

But as their symptoms worsened, Bettina knew her kids should be tested for COVID-19, which at the time of reporting has infected over 750,000 people worldwide.

The results for her children…

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