A NSW teacher gives her opinion.

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If one of the darling little students coughs directly into my mouth (non-teachers would be AMAZED by how frequently this occurs) then, yes, that child will likely be fine. But if you, the teacher, are not, the sense seems to be: “there’s plenty more where you came from.”

You can tell me over and over that I am wrong or misinformed. But really, I am exhausted.

Experts are touting social distancing as the most effective measure of virus control, and I agree. But I would love to meet whoever decided this could be feasible in a class of 35 students.

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It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to keep 35 students four square metres away from each other. In our standard classrooms. It doesn’t make any sense.

What we can do is simple. We can close schools. Yes, the economy will take a hit. But I would choose lives saved over…

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