A parent and child give it a road test.

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The box of LEGO has been a feature in our play room for 20 years now.

My eldest daughter is nearly 25, my youngest is 11 and for two decades I’ve watched them sit legs folded on the carpet in quiet contemplation mid construction – either reading instructions or innovating their own bespoke creation.

Five children and many hours of building later, our collection has grown from a tiny shoebox to three or four plastic containers.

In fact, if you were to choose just one toy to take anywhere anytime for any gender of child, you’d choose LEGO.

I know because LEGO has saved me on many rainy weeks shut inside with kids climbing the walls, eventually distracted and calmed by the worlds they can create with dragon, fire trucks, giant invading robots and other masterpieces.

So, I was excited when my youngest had a play with the app for LEGO lovers, called LEGO Life.

My daughter Ivy with her…

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