‘A psychic told me when I was going to die.’

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And I repeat, more to myself than anyone, that it’s not true. That there is no way of knowing because if she could predict the future why was she working from a tiny booth in a back street and not picking the winning lottery numbers scooping millions.

But you can’t forget something like that. Once you hear those words you can’t un-hear. No matter how hard you try.

So now I live every day wondering how it’s going to go down, and just in case, preparing the best I can.

If you had asked me before any of this, what I would do, if I knew when I would die, without hesitation I would be drawing up a bucket list as long as my arm.

Drink rum Cuba, See Gorillas in Tanzania, take a year off work and make memories with my children. The possibilities are endless.

But faced with the reality, living my last years frivolously has no appeal.

Side note… John Edward is the psychic medium who…

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